Remington is 6 years old!

Remington is 6 years old!

Oh my sweet Remi girl! I can’t believe you’re six! What a BIG year this has been. You graduated preschool and started kindergarten. I knew you would love it- and you do! You love learning and you’re so social. School was a little tough at first, having to make new friends. But you went confidently into the new and have just rocked it.

You’re SO physically strong. You hang like a monkey and climb everything. You are really fearless when you don’t let your “what ifs” get the best of you.

Some things you love: horse camp and your Gigi’s horse Rex. You yodel for him in our back pasture, give him treats, and love to ride him. You ride without anyone leading. It’s really neat!

You LOVE animals. Not only our dog, and your grandmas’ dogs, but you want to stop and pet all dogs. You always ask “Is your doggy nice?”

You love helping. I can see your sweet servant heart coming to life. You want to help around the house, help me cook and bake, help others who are sad, help smaller kids do things at the playground.

You LOVE BIG. You’re always giving hugs (maybe a little too tight for too long, but we’re working on that) to everyone. You love to cheer for others.

You love gymnastics. You’re doing so well! You’ve tested up to the first real level and are getting some great coaching in class. We took you to a local meet, and you loved it. I’m not sure you’re interested in competing yet, but I am glad you love working on the skills. You work hard at home to practice and improve.

You love dolls and playing pretend. You still love to set up little scenarios with your dolls or dress up and direct a whole situational play.

Some of your favorite foods are: oreos, bell peppers, grapes, salad and pizza at Genos, Sonic corn dogs, frozen wild blueberries, and sandwiches.

You’re currently around 42.5/43 inches and around 40 lbs. (In the 25th percentile for both height and weight.)

We are SO incredibly proud of who you are. You’re learning to control and handle your big emotions. You’re learning to listen and be more responsible. You’re learning how to be a good friend. You’re reading!! It’s all so exciting.

Remi Roo, we sure do love you! I hope this year of your life is full of amazing adventures together!

Remi’s 6th Birthday Party

Remi’s 6th Birthday Party

Well, originally, Remi’s birthday trip was supposed to be her big celebration. I told her we could do cupcakes at the park with her friends…..well, momma loves to plan a party, so it sort of snowballed from there.

She wanted a puppy party (a paw-ty!) so we had fun coming up with the decor and activities.

We all got puppy headbands! So fun!

And the best gift were these crutches from Mimi! She loves playing doctor and broken leg- and she often improvises anything she can to be her crutches. Now she has her very own!

Her little friends were so fun! We did a puppy adoption where they all got to pick a puppy and make it a collar with pipe cleaners and beads.

Her sweet kindergarten teacher, Miss Ellison, came! Remi took her an invitation to school- and she showed up! It really made her day!

We did pin the bone on the puppy, a pinata, played with balloons….but the pinata was a hit with all the kids!

These kids are so fun. They’ve mostly known each other for years- either at church or preschool. I LOVED getting to see her little friends with her.

We broke out the big jump rope, too….and gave a jumping lesson. That was so fun!

Remi is so easy to celebrate. She makes life so fun and loves so big!

Dallas Birthday Trip:  Water Park

Dallas Birthday Trip: Water Park

Before we headed home, we spent the morning at the Epic Waters indoor water park! Remi LOVED it.

They had a big kid’s splash area and some fun slides.

We did laps around the lazy river, did every slide 10 times and played well past lunch.

I LOVED getting to spend the weekend doing special things with my girl!

There was a big group of people riding the FlowRider who were AMAZING at it. We watched them for quite a while, and then Remi was SO brave wanting to do it. She did amazing!

After the water park, we changed into dry clothes, grabbed lunch at Shake Shack and then drove home. It was a long day, but it was a great birthday trip!

Dallas Birthday Trip: American Girl

Dallas Birthday Trip: American Girl

For Remi’s birthday, we took her to the American Girl store in Dalla! She’s super into playing with the dolls, and I knew she would love the experience!

We got her her first “real” American Girl doll (her others are from Walmart or Target) so she could get the full experience.

We headed there right when they opened to start shopping!

She was so excited! She had saved up $280 from drawing, modeling and doing chores. She was ready to spend it!

She pulled several items and made her choices. Mimi and Gigi each bought her a birthday gift, mom and dad got her doll a new outfit, and then she spent her money.

She was so excited to see the birthday doll!

So of course, she had to get her doll the birthday outfit!

After shopping, we had lunch reservations in the cafe. You get to bring your doll. They have little chairs for them, and they brought her a cup and some fruit for her doll. She loved it!

After lunch, we had an appointment in the salon! Her doll got her nails painted and then her hair done. Remi thought about piercing her ears, and then changed her mind at the last minute.

We got back to the hotel, opened everything and let her play for a while….then we got ready (in her matching outfit!) and went to meet Auntie Paula for dinner.

Remi had another birthday celebration at dinner with her ice cream. The restaurant is a spot where my sister and her boyfriend are regulars, so they totally spoiled her!

It was so good to spend time with my sister on the trip! We got to see her new beautiful house, meet her boyfriend and enjoyed a couple of meals together.